After School Club Policies

IMPORTANT! - Please read our Terms of Booking, Behaviour Policy and Safeguarding Policy documents listed below in full.

These will all need to be acknowledged when making any After School Course Booking.

Terms of Booking

Please Note: As of February 2024 the following conditions apply to any bookings for After School provision.

1) All bookings MUST be made through our online booking system AT LEAST 24 Hours prior to the chosen activity.

*Bookings made less than 24 hours prior to the chosen activity, DO NOT guarantee your child a place even if  you receive an automated acknowledgement. You MUST wait for a separate confirmation of booking to ensure that your child is indeed booked on to the course in question. Please DO NOT send your child if you have not received FULL booking confirmation

2) We cannot accept children just turning up without being booked in. This is a serious safeguarding issue and your child will NOT be allowed to attend if no booking has been made. Coach to child ratios have to be observed and we therefore MUST know exactly how many children are attending on a given day. 

3) ALL payments for each Half Term block MUST be paid IN FULL prior to the start of the first week’s session. If payment has not been made your child’s booking is NOT guaranteed. *

*Unless an agreement has been made (and confirmed, in writing) in advance with a Senior member of Sport4Schools staff. 

4) ALL relevant information regarding your child, particularly medical information MUST be disclosed at the time of booking – See our separate Safeguarding Information.


5) At the time of booking, ALL required boxes must be ticked to show that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.


Please remember: The safety and wellbeing of your child is our main priority!

Behaviour Policy

Please Note: As of February 2024 the following conditions apply to any bookings for After School provision

1) Unacceptable behaviour (See Below) will not be tolerated during our After School Provision. This includes the following :

Disrespect of S4S Staff at any time.

Not being quiet when registers are being taken and when S4S Coaches are giving important instructions (for the childrens’ own safety) regarding the activity being coached.

Not staying within a safe distance of S4S coaches.

Failure to respect one another, accepting differences of race, gender, ability, age and religion

Encouraging positive behaviour

Positive behaviour is encouraged by:  

Staff acting as positive role models. 

Praising appropriate behaviour.   

Informing parents about individual achievements.

Prizes for exceptional accomplishments and Trophies at the end of each Half Term. 

Offering a variety of play opportunities to meet the needs of the children attending the Club/Clubs.

It is inevitable that as children develop and learn, there are times when they need support and guidance to understand that their behaviour is not acceptable. S4S Staff will try to determine the cause or triggers of the inappropriate behaviour to prevent the situation from recurring. 

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour

Challenging behaviour will be addressed in a calm, firm and positive manner.  In the first instance, the child will be given a short time out from the activity.  Staff will discuss why the behaviour displayed is deemed inappropriate.  Staff will give the child an opportunity to explain their behaviour, to help prevent a recurrence.  Staff will encourage and facilitate mediation between children to try to resolve conflicts through discussion and negotiation.  If the inappropriate behaviour appears to be as a result of boredom, staff will consult with the child to find activities that more fully engage them.  Staff will consult with Parents to formulate clear strategies for dealing with persistent inappropriate behaviour. If after consultation with parents and the implementation of behaviour management strategies, a child continues to display inappropriate behaviour, S4S Staff may decide to discuss exclusion of the child as a last resort and for the wellbeing of the other children. The reasons and processes involved will be clearly explained to the child and Parents/Guardians.

*Parents are asked to consider the activities that they sign their child up for. If it is something that their child is unlikely to engage in positively, this will naturally lead to disengagement and the potential for behaviour issues.

S4S New Card System for rewards or behaviour issues

After February Half Term, we will be introducing a Card system. Your child may be issued one of the following coloured cards during club either to reward excellence or positive behaviour or as a warning due to inappropriate behaviour.

Pink Card – Good levels of behaviour and /or ability. Parents will be informed.

Green Card – Very good behaviour/ability or kindness. Medal will be awarded.

Blue Card – Excellent behaviour/ability and kindness. Trophy given on final week.

Yellow Card – Warning due to poor behaviour or not following instructions. Actions will be noted, but there will be no immediate consequence.

Black Card – Follows Yellow card for repeated behaviour issues or other problems. Parents and School will be informed.

Red Card – Continual behaviour issues – S4S Staff will speak to Parents and School to discuss outcomes including possible exclusion from the club.


Please Note: Below is a brief summary of our main responsibilities and the responsibilities of Parents/Guardians of children attending our clubs. A full copy of our safeguarding policy is available on request.

Our Responsibilities

All Sport4Schools Coaching UK Ltd Staff have been checked, vetted and have a current Enhanced DBS Certificate along with Basic First Aid Training and regularly attend Safeguarding courses as they are updated.

The Company’s designated Child Protection Officer is: Neil Davies.

Our aim is to provide all children with safe protection during our activities.

We will allow all S4S Staff to make informed and confident responses to any specific safeguarding/child protection issues.

We will always attempt to work in a safe environment.

We aim to make our activities fun, enjoyable and promote fair play.

We aim to recognise the different abilities and needs of all children.

We will keep a record of all injuries that we deem serious enough, along with treatment given and relay this information to Parents.

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians

When completing online bookings, ALL relevant medical information MUST be supplied.

Two current emergency contact numbers MUST be supplied at the time of booking.

Should another Family Member be designated to collect a child from the After School Club, full details must be supplied in advance. If possible, a password must be agreed between Parents and Sport4Schools beforehand.

Parents/Guardians MUST acknowledge that they have read, understand and accept our Terms of Booking – Behaviour Policy and Safeguarding Policy statements before confirming their booking.


Asthma and the treatment of Asthma is one of the major health and safety issues that S4S staff may face during club activities. 

We INSIST that a stand alone separate inhaler is provided for each child that is currently suffering or ever has suffered with Asthma and uses an inhaler as a consequence. This inhaler MUST be kept with the child at all times during After School Club. School held medication/Inhalers CANNOT be used at all, therefore it is VITAL that an inhaler is kept with the child’s after school belongings.

The above also applies to any ongoing or temporary medication that any child may require during their time at After School Club.

Unfortunately due to safeguarding requirements, we are unable to accept children who are not yet fully toilet trained.

Wherever possible, adequate drinks and/or snacks should also be included with your child’s belongings. Should a child not have a drink, we reserve the right to give them a drink of water to ensure that they stay hydrated.


Please remember: The safety and wellbeing of your child is our main priority!